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Be Disaster Aware: Take Action to Prepare

Emergencies can happen at any time. Your ability to recover from an emergency tomorrow may depend on the planning and preparation you do today. Will you be prepared?

Each September, sponsors National Preparedness Month, an awareness campaign to help Americans take steps to keep themselves safe. This year’s theme was "Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare.”

There’s no time like the present to take action to prepare for an emergency. Taking a few important steps can help you to be prepared if disaster strikes:


  1. Get Informed: Know what types of emergencies are likely to affect your area.
  2. Make a Plan: How will you connect with family? Will you stay put or relocate to a safer place? It’s important to know the answers to questions like these.
  3. Build a Kit: If you aren’t able to leave your home or work, you will need food, water, and supplies.

Preparing for an emergency is important for everyone, but for people with disabilities, older Americans and others with access or functional needs, having a plan even more crucial. Visit’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery  for information specifically for people with disabilities.

This year, resolve to be ready. Take action to prepare!


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