The Choose Work Blog is an open forum on the Ticket to Work program and issues related to disability employment.

Access to Employment Support Services for Social Security Disability Beneficiaries Who Want to Work
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  1. Celebrate NDEAM 2018!

    Oct 15, 2018

    NDEAM graphicDuring National Disability Employment Awareness Month, find resources and learn how Social Security's Ticket to Work program may offer you the supports and services that you need to succeed in the workforce.

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  2. Puzzle Pieces: Learn How Your Skills Make You the Right Fit

    Oct 11, 2018

    Ben holding piece of a puzzleThinking about the technical and soft skills that you have may help you write your resume and identify job openings that are a good fit for you. Today's blog post includes advice on how you can assess your skills and understand how they help you fit into a job.

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  3. Resource Roundup: Resume and Interview Tips

    Oct 4, 2018

    Ben holding a resumeAs you begin your job search, Choose Work! blog posts can help you write, review and polish your resume to help you stand out to potential employers and prepare for a job interview to leave a strong impression. Advance your job search with these resources today.

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  4. Attend a Career Fair in October

    Oct 1, 2018

    Image of a woman at a desk working on a laptopJumpstart your job search by attending a career fair during October. Virtual and in-person career fairs give you the chance to meet potential employers, learn about a company and discover job opportunities.

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  5. Reach Your Career Goals through Work from Home

    Sep 20, 2018

    Ben working from homeWorking from home may be the career path and reasonable accommodation that could help you succeed in the workplace. Today's blog post explores types of work-from-home jobs and discusses tips on how to talk with an employer about working from home.  

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  6. Turning Your Idea into a Business

    Sep 18, 2018

    Graphic of Ben holding a balloon in front of a building with a banner reading Grand OpeningColleen Moynihan of New England Business Associates (NEBA) shares her experience with working with people on the path to self-employment and offers some of her advice that may help you as you pursue your self-employment goals.

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  7. Making Plans in Case of Emergency

    Sep 10, 2018

    Picture of an exit signSeptember, which is National Emergency Preparedness Month, is a good time to review your plans for both at home and at work to stay safe all year. Today, we're sharing tips on how you can prepare for an emergency in the workplace.

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  8. Attend a Career Fair in September

    Sep 4, 2018

    Image of a woman at a desk working on a laptopAttending a career fair can help you connect with potential employers and learn more about job openings available in your area. Attend one of these career fairs scheduled for September.

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  9. Work Incentives Wednesdays: Tips for Young Adults

    Aug 29, 2018

    Dad mentoring sonAs summer ends and young adults start college or enter the workforce for the first time, Social Security's Ticket to Work program and Work Incentives can help make the transition to college and working easier. Learn more about these resources in today's Work Incentives Wednesdays blog post.

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  10. Talking About Ticket

    Aug 22, 2018

    Walter and woman smiling at cameraLearn more about Social Security's Ticket to Work program and discover resources that may help you better serve your clients who are eligible for the Ticket program.

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