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Access to Employment Support Services for Social Security Disability Beneficiaries Who Want to Work
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  1. Celebrating Presidents Day: President George H.W. Bush and the ADA

    Feb 14, 2019

    President George H.W. Bush signs into law the ADAIn recognition of Presidents Day, we discuss President George H.W. Bush’s role in passing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and why the ADA was important to him.

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  2. What's New in 2019

    Feb 12, 2019

    Street signsSocial Security adjusted the amounts for Trial Work Period and Substantial Gainful Activity in 2019. Learn more about how these changes may affect you as you pursue financial independence through work.

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  3. Where Are You on the Path to Work?

    Feb 5, 2019

    Ben making progressWhen you make the decision to pursue financial independence through work, you may find that you go through several phases, or stages, on the path to work. Learn more about some of the basic phases to discover what you may be thinking about or doing – and how Social Security's Ticket to Work program may offer the support and services you need.

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  4. Attend a Career Fair in February

    Jan 31, 2019

    Woman at computerVirtual and in-person career fairs give you the chance to meet potential employers, learn about a company and discover job opportunities. Jumpstart your career and make progress toward reaching your work goals by attending a career fair in February.

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  5. Myth Busted: Continuation of Medicare Coverage

    Jan 29, 2019

    Medicaid Medicare symbolDo you have questions about what happens to your Medicare coverage as you return to work? Check out today's blog post to learn how one Social Security Work Incentive may allow you to continue receiving Medicare for 93 months.

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  6. A Fresh Approach to Setting Goals

    Jan 15, 2019

    Man and women smiling at camera with fists up in the airThe start of a new year can be a great time to set new goals for yourself. Discover some goal-setting techniques that may help you succeed and find out how Social Security's Ticket to Work program can offer you supports and services if your goals include pursuing work this year.

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  7. Finding the Right Mentor

    Jan 8, 2019

    Woman and man talkingAre you interested in working with a mentor but not sure how to ask someone? In recognition of National Mentoring Month, today we share some tips on how to find and ask the right person to be your mentor.

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  8. Attend a Career Fair in January

    Jan 3, 2019

    Woman at computerGet started on your 2019 work goals by attending a career fair this month! Online and in-person career fairs connect you with potential employers to learn about their companies and potential job openings!

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  9. Update: 2019 Cost-of-Living Adjustments

    Dec 17, 2018

    Manage your benefits with my Social SecurityTo keep up with the cost of living, Social Security reviews benefits each year and decides if there needs to be a Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA). Learn about this year's 2.8% increase and discover how you can find out your new cash payment and benefits for 2019.

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  10. Top 3 Blog Posts of 2018

    Dec 11, 2018

    Graphic of Ben with text "Top Blog Posts of 2018"Take a look back at 3 of our most popular blog posts of 2018 to rediscover information that may help you as you pursue financial independence through work. Revisit these blog posts to learn more about Social Security Work Incentives, wage reporting and ABLE.

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