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Don't Overlook The EITC Tax Credit!

Want to keep more of the money you earned? If you make less than $49,078 per year, you may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). This special tax credit can put up to $5,751 into your pocket (even more if you live in certain states).  It can be especially helpful to workers with disabilities and to working parents of children with disabilities. 

Do You Qualify? Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • You must have earnings from a job. Self-employment and farming count, but money that you get from Social Security (SSI and SSDI) does not.

  • You need to file a federal income tax return, even if your income level is low enough to make it optional. 

  • When you file your return, you have to specifically claim the EITC to get it.

  • You cannot owe any back taxes when you file your return.

You worked hard for your money, so take advantage of the EITC, and keep as much of it as possible! 

For more information on the EITC and for free help filing your tax return, visit:

  • The EITC Assistant at to  determine your eligibility

  • Free File, available at, lets you file your return electronically and claim the EITC using brand-name tax software – at no cost.

  • If you earn $50,000 or less per year, free tax preparation assistance is available at many community locations.  Check your local newspapers, and radio and television stations for more information.

The EITC can make your life a little easier.  There may be money due to you. You earned it. File now and claim it!

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Johnny says:
February 12, 2012 at 12:15 AM

All my life during the times I didn't need social security all I heard was bad things. How they look down on you and the meaness of the  people that work for SS. So I dreaded the day when I had to face them.   But now that I have been a member (so to speak) for almost two years. I have nothing but praise for the Main system. I have never seen a government agency so caring as the Social Security department, they really do care about you and its just not talk, they help you in all kind of ways...They give great information on all things that might pertain to you.....I am a retired SFC and served two years in a combat area and I am saying Heres one for you social security thanks for being a great Government agency that I can look up to...Johnny S.

Choose-Work-Blog-Staff says:
February 15, 2012 at 2:59 PM

Johnny, we are glad to hear about your positive experience with Social Security. Thank you for sharing! By the way, if you have not already, we encourage you to also connect with our Facebook community where you can see daily updates about disability employment-related events, tips and resources to further support you on your journey. Visit us on Facebook at