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Employment Network Profile

Name*: ERS INC

Employment Network Basic Information
Number of Ticket Clients as of 03/31/2017
(See Historical Data)
Time as an EN 6 years
6 months
EN Type National
Benefits Advisor on Staff No
Specialize in:
Employment Network Specialize In
Youth-In-Transition No
Veterans Yes
Self-Employment No

Disabilities Served and Services Provided*

Disabilities Served
List of Disabilities Served by this Employment Network
Hearing Impairments
Cognitive or Mental Impairments
Physical Impairments
Visual Impairments

Contact Information

Employment Network Contact Information
Website Address: www.employreward.com
Contact Person: TRIPP CARTER
Contact Address: PO BOX 5599, FLORENCE, SC 29502
Toll Free Phone Number: 888-322-9570
Main Phone Number: 843-519-1300
TTY Phone Number:

* Data last updated September 30, 2017.
(-) Denotes an area where information is unavailable.
This data is for informational purposes only. Please contact the Employment Network for the most current information before you make a decision.

Employment Network Data View

Employment Network Name: ERS INC

Year Ending:
Number of Ticket Clients for Each Year
2016 2015 2014
Number of Ticket Clients 2854 1823 1667

(-) Denotes an area where information is unavailable.
This data is for informational purposes only. Please contact the Employment Network for the most current information before you make a decision.

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Definition of Terms in EN Profile

Employment Network
Term Definition
EN Type This term is used to describe the area in which the EN provides services. The areas are defined as National (serving all States and US Territories); Multi-State (serving in more than one State but not national in scope); and Single State (serving one or more counties in one State).
Benefits Advisor on Staff This term indicates whether or not the EN has a specialist on staff who has expert knowledge of Social Security work incentive provisions and is available to assist beneficiaries and their family members to understand the effect earnings from work can have on Social Security benefits.
Disabilities Served
Term Definition
Other EN serves additional disabilities that are not captured by the categories above.
Services Provided
Term Definition
Career Planning This term refers to EN services which assist the beneficiary in planning and developing individual career goals. These services may include vocational guidance, testing and counseling done to evaluate the beneficiary's abilities, skills, interests and needs.
Consumer-Directed Services This term refers to an EN business model in which key service decisions are shifted from the EN to the beneficiary (i.e., direct purchase of support services).
Employment This term refers to the hiring of a beneficiary to work for the EN.
Job Accommodations This term refers to services that make a reasonable adjustment to a job or work environment in order to make it possible for an individual with a disability to perform job duties. Job accommodations may include specialized equipment, facility modifications, and adjustments to work schedules or job duties, as well as a whole range of other creative solutions.
Job Coaching/Training This term describes a variety of EN services designed to: assess the beneficiary's interests and potential skills; analyze prospective jobs; assist the beneficiary to obtain a job; maintain a job through on-site assistance, one-on-one training on the job site, job retention services for the employer and other workplace supports; and develop a career.
Job Placement/Job Placement Assistance Services This term includes job search and job development services designed to help the beneficiary find a job. They may include general vocational guidance and direction, providing job leads to beneficiaries and contacting employers to place beneficiaries in specific jobs.
Ongoing Employment Support/Job Retention This term refers to supports and services designed to assist the beneficiary to maintain his or her job. These job retention strategies may include employer training, use of a job coach and providing worksite or job accommodations.
Special Language Capability This term refers to such services as Braille and sign language.
Other EN provides additional services that are not captured by the categories above.
Performance Indicator
Term Definition
Employment Network Customer Satisfaction Score An EN's Satisfaction Score is based on Social Security's Ticket to Work Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey, which is conducted annually. This survey is conducted under the authority of The Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 (Public Law 106-170) , which requires that the Commissioner of Social Security periodically review the services that Employment Networks (ENs) provide by conducting surveys that are designed to measure the satisfaction of beneficiaries whom these ENs served. Social Security makes the results of these satisfaction surveys available to beneficiaries who are prospective recipients of services as they choose ENs.

We use an "index score" to show how the EN's average score for the survey questions compared to the national average score. For example, if an EN's average score is equal to the national average then its index score is 100. If an EN's average score is 5 percent greater than the national average its index score is 105. If an EN's average score is 15 percent less than the national average its index score is 85.

The table below explains the terminology we are using to show how an EN's score compares to the national average.

NOTE: We will show an EN's Satisfaction score only if at least 25 of the EN's clients responded to the survey. Otherwise that field on the EN Profile will be left blank.
Based on the National Average Index Score of 100
If the EN's Index Score is... The EN's Score is Labeled
Greater than or equal to 110 "Excellent"
Greater than 90 and less than 110 "Good"
Less than or equal to 90 "Fair"
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