Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Managing Your New Job

Are you working and needing help understanding Social Security’s requirements for reporting wages and avoiding overpayments?

Six images related to each ticket to work program chapter: Chapter 1 - Ben giving a presentation; Chapter 2 - Ticket to Work logo; Chapter 3 - Ben saying hello; Chapter 4 - Ben shaking the hand of a coworker; Chapter 5 - Ben at his computer; Chapter 6 - a newspaper classifieds section. All chapter images are greyed out except for Chapter 5.

Chapter five, Managing Your New Job will provide information to help you continue to be successful once you’ve started a job,

including information about reporting wages, avoiding overpayments,

the continued impact of work on benefits and advice for managing money towards the goal of financial independence.

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