Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 2 - Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work

Are you considering going to work and wondering how it will affect your benefits?

This chapter will cover:

  • Reasons for going to work
  • Myths about work, benefits and health care
  • Why the Ticket to Work program may be right for you

Chapter 2: Ticket to Work. Many people who receive Social Security disability benefits ask themselves: “Am I ready to work?”

People who say “YES” to this question and begin the journey to employment find that it changes their lives!

But, many people who think they might want to try working are not sure where to start.

They may be uncertain whether working is "right" for them or concerned that they will lose their cash benefits

or Medicare or Medicaid and be worse off than when they started. And, even though they're interested in working,

for many people, the process seems overwhelming.

The good news is that free help is available for people who want to work

their way to a better future: Social Security’s Ticket to Work program!

This chapter will review reasons you might want to go to work, discuss myths about going to work,

explain the Ticket to Work program and provide resources to help you learn more.

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