Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 2 - Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check

If I try to go to work, I will automatically lose my Medicare or Medicaid.

True or False?

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You are correct! If you are already receiving Medicaid and/or Medicare, as long as you are receiving an SSI or SSDI benefit check of any amount,

you will keep your health insurance. If you earn enough that your SSDI payments stop,

free Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) can continue for up to 93 months. If you currently receive Medicaid, you could be

eligible to continue to receive Medicaid even after you stop receiving SSI payments due to increased income from work.

To be eligible you need to meet certain requirements, which include earnings below the threshold amount set by your state.

But, even if your earnings exceed the state's threshold, you may still be eligible for a

Medicaid Buy-In program. To find out for sure, talk to your state Medicaid office. Click the right arrow to continue.

This is actually a myth.