Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 2 - Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check

If my benefits checks stop because of my increased income, and then I have to stop working because of my disability, I will have to reapply for benefits all over again. It took me forever to be approved for benefits, and I cannot afford to wait that long again.

Considering this, I should not try to work.

True or False?

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You are correct! If your benefits ended within the past 5 years due to your increased earnings, and you still have your original medical

condition, or one related to it, you will not need to reapply for disability benefits. This is a Work Incentive called

Expedited Reinstatement. Under Expedited Reinstatement, you may receive up to six months of temporary cash benefits, which

will not have to be repaid if Social Security determines that you are no longer eligible for continuation of disability benefits.

Medicare or Medicaid coverage is also provided while Social Security

conducts a medical review to determine if benefits can be reinstated. Click the right arrow to continue.

This is actually a myth.