Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 4 - Getting a Job

Job Search Expectations

Tips for staying motivated:

  • Be patient and realistic about the job-search time frame
  • Believe in yourself
  • Set goals
  • Use and build your network
  • Continue building your resume
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The ability to become - and stay - motivated during a job hunt is one of the most critical skills for anyone looking for employment.

If you are looking for work, it’s important to maintain energy and motivation. Here’s a list of tips that can help you stay on track!

Be patient and realistic about the job-search time frame – Don’t expect to land a job offer in a matter of days.

The process takes time, and maintaining a realistic view on the time line can help keep you from getting discouraged.

Believe in yourself – Maintaining confidence not only helps you stay motivated, it helps in interviews!

Set goals – By setting realistic and achievable goals, you can maintain forward momentum and feel successful by making progress.

For example, you might set a personal goal of applying for at least one job and attending a networking event each week.

Use and build your network – We previously discussed the importance of networking.

While seeking employment, you should continually build your network and stay in frequent touch with family and friends,

service providers and anyone who may help open doors to new job opportunities.

Continue building your resume - Use this time to pursue training, education or volunteer experience.

It shows ambition and enhances your resume! Click the right arrow to continue.