Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 4 - Getting a Job

Searching and Applying for Jobs

  • An Employment Network (EN) or Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency can help your job search
  • Take an active role in your job search and search websites
  • Keep in mind that the federal government and government contractors provide special considerations for people with disabilities
  • Are you a veteran? Check out veteranrecruiting.com
  • Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for
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Searching and applying for jobs can take weeks or months. For anyone going through the job application process,

it’s helpful to have support, resources and a plan. An EN or a VR can coordinate or assist with the search, application

and job placement process. However, you should take an active role in your job search.

There are many websites specifically dedicated to helping people with disabilities find employment.

Seeking the expert advice from an EN or VR about the opportunities found on these sites can help narrow your search.

Interested in working for the Federal Government? Schedule A Hiring is a process by which Federal agencies

can fast-track employment for people with disabilities who qualify for vacancies.

And Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that federal contractors and subcontractors

take affirmative action to recruit, employ, train and promote qualified individuals with disabilities.

Veterans with a disability can also check out www.veteranrecruiting.com. This website is dedicated to serving the military community,

including those with disabilities, by providing access to industry-leading employers through virtual career fairs and live video interviewing services.

When applying for a job, tailor your resume to that job. Try to match your experience and skills to the desired qualifications for the job.

A Ticket to Work service provider can offer support and resources every step along the way!

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