Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 4 - Getting a Job

Preparing for an Interview

  • Brush up on your resume
  • Learn about the opportunity
  • Decide about disclosing your disability
  • Practice!
cartoon character giving his resume to a potential employer

Preparation can make or break a job interview. This may sound obvious, but too often it is overlooked.

If you have interview lined up, use the following to help guide your interview preparation! A few days before the interview you should:

Brush up on your resume – Know how your qualifications relate to the position.

Review how your knowledge, skills and character traits will help you succeed in the position.

Makes note of your past achievements and be prepared to describe your work experience in detail.

When answering the interviewer’s questions, put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself,

"What would I want to know about this person who I am interviewing for this job?"

Learn about the opportunity – Research the company and the position, so you will be prepared to discuss how your experience

and qualifications relate to the position and company’s overall mission. While researching the opportunity, jot down questions as you think of them.

Coming into the interview with thoughtful questions shows you did your homework and that you are taking the opportunity seriously.

Review the company’s website, social media or social networking sites, and search the Internet for information and news about the company.

Decide about disclosing your disability – You’ll want to consider whether or not you intend to disclose your disability in the interview.

Finally, Practice! - Think you’re ready? Schedule a mock interview with a friend, family member or your service provider

so you can practice your skills and answers and polish your delivery before you meet with potential employers.

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