Learn How the Ticket to Work Program Can Work for You

Chapter 5 - Managing Your New Job

Success Stories

picture of Rob

Rob is a former small business owner who experienced renal failure, lost 300 lbs and survived a kidney transplant. After dialysis, Rob used services provided by both a VR and an EN in an arrangement known as “Partnership Plus.” His local VR agency provided resume help and job leads and when his VR services came to an end, the EN provided additional services to help Rob succeed in the workforce. Rob has returned to work and has regained financial independence.

Picture of Lisa

Lisa wanted to support her family, but her agoraphobia prevented her from working. Using her Ticket, she received career counseling and advice about job accommodations from an EN, who also helped her develop an Individual Work Plan. Lisa now works from home and is financially independent.

To learn more about these and other Success Stories, visit www.choosework.ssa.gov/success.

When one has been working for a while, staying motivated and continuing to excel at a job is even more important!

We know of many beneficiaries who have successfully returned to work or have started working for the first time.

Many of them are well on their way to financial independence, and we are always looking for new Ticket to Work success stories!

Meet some of these success story beneficiaries and learn how they achieved their employment goals and

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