Podcast iconThe Ticket to Work program is pleased to announce the Ticket Talk, our new podcast series!  For our opening podcast, Bob Williams, Social Security's Associate Commissioner for the Office of Employment Support and Programs introduces the series.

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Ticket Talk #1: Introducing Ticket To Work Podcasts!

January 2013

The Ticket to Work program is pleased to announce the Ticket Talk, our new podcast series! For our opening podcast, Bob Williams, Social Security’s Associate Commissioner for the Office of Employment Support and Programs introduces the series. Tune in for monthly interviews with program and disability experts, success stories from real beneficiaries, information about Work Incentives, answers to frequently asked questions and myth busting information about working and disability benefits!

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Opening: You are listening to the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work podcast series. Get answers to your questions, access information and resources, and receive expert advice on Work Incentives and the Ticket to Work program. Interviewer: I'm here with the Ticket to Work program, speaking with Bob Williams, Associate Commissioner for Social Security's Office of Employment Support Programs. Bob, this is the inaugural podcast for the program. Why did you decide to use podcasts as a communication tool for Ticket to Work? Bob Williams: Let me first thank folks for listening in. We believe that podcasts are unique and accessible ways for many to learn about our services and supports as well as the opportunity to improve themselves by seeking employment. Interviewer: I would have to agree, in fact one of the main goals of this podcast is to introduce listeners to Ticket to Work. What can you tell us about this program? Bob Williams: It is meant to offer those on SSDI or SSI the chance, choices and support to go to work, advance their careers and become self-sufficient. Interviewer: Thanks Bob. Now, in your opinion what does 2013 hold for people with disabilities? Bob Williams: I think that is largely up to each individual. However, we know that the nation's economy is growing and getting stronger again. In fact, there are about 140,000 more people with disabilities working today than there was a year ago. So things are heading in the right direction and I believe that for many that are listening to this that now is a good time for you to learn more about how the Ticket program can help you to work and improve your future. Interviewer: Well, that definitely sounds positive. So what recommendations do you have for people with disabilities to achieve their goals for 2013? Bob Williams: First, I am a strong believer that the most important step in achieving your life goals is writing them down and then identifying the two or three actions you can take today, this week, or this month to slowly and surely work towards what it is you want. Interviewer: Bob, thank you very much for that insight. In closing, what message would you like to give beneficiaries? Bob Williams: I would hope that if you are someone that is either working today or is interested in learning more about how you can become employed and improve your standard of living that you will take advantage of this series and the resources we have both online and through the Ticket Call Center. Interviewer: Thank you so much for your time, Bob. For more information on Ticket to Work visit w-w-w dot social security dot gov back slash work, or call us at one, eight six six, nine six eight, seven eight four two for voice, or one, eight six six, eight three three, two nine six seven for TTY. Closing: Stay tuned! Sign up to receive updates on our 2013 podcast series at www.socialsecurity.gov/work