A movie attendant serves two customers at a concession standA continuation of our Hot Jobs series, this blog explores the entertainment industry and the support roles in their venues. If you enjoy being around people and would like to help them enjoy events, a role in an entertainment venue may be the job for you!


Hot Jobs! Entertainment Attendants (ushers, ticket takers and lobby attendants)

Apr 5, 2023

A movie attendant serves two customers at a concession standIt takes many employees to run movie theaters, performing arts centers, sports arenas, amusement parks and other entertainment venues. Typically, jobs in these facilities include ushers, ticket takers and cashiers. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, entertainment attendants are one of the top 10 fastest growing occupations over the next 10 years. If you enjoy being around people and would like to help them enjoy events, a role in an entertainment venue may be the job for you! Let's explore the roles in this field and what it would take to start your career in them.

What are some entertainment attendant duties?

As an attendant, employees often greet people, help them find their seats and work in refreshment sales as needed. A position as a general attendant or crew member can help you learn more about the overall operations in entertainment facilities. There are more specialized roles such as sales associates, maintenance workers, technology assistants and more. In these jobs, your duties will be more specialized to one area. All these jobs are important for an entertainment venue to run smoothly and can lead to more advanced positions.

What education and skills are required?

Most positions in this field require a high school education. Good communication skills are also key. You will need to provide information on event times and prices and direct attendees to locations in the venue such as the restrooms and refreshment sales areas. Giving accurate information helps make the customer's experience more enjoyable.

Eventually, you may supervise other employees. For management roles, you may need training in staff scheduling, budgeting or facility operations. Some organizations provide on-the-job training, others may require more formal training. For information on assistance with educational costs, read our blog post Find Help with Educational Costs Using Benefits.gov.

Are entertainment attendant jobs right for you?

If you're a "people person" and want a job where you help customers regularly, this field could be for you. It helps to be a problem solver and to be able to stay calm with a dissatisfied customer. If you're able to work a flexible schedule, this is a plus. Many theaters, arenas and other facilities are open late into the night, so varied and long hours may be necessary.

Some of these roles may have physical demands that could involve sitting or standing for long periods of time. They can also be noisy and packed with people. If you're concerned about a disability making these situations difficult, you may be able to request job accommodations. For example, if you work as a ticket agent in a movie theater and standing for long periods of time is difficult, you might ask the supervisor if you can sit in a tall chair as you collect tickets. This way, you can still greet the customers and engage with them. Please visit the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) for more information on disabilities and accommodations.

Where to find entertainment attendant jobs?

There are many online jobsites that have positions in this field. You can start with our Find a Job page. Use keywords that are specific to the jobs you would like to apply for. For example, you can use "usher," "floor staff," "ticket agent" or "guest services staff." You can also go directly to the company websites of theaters, sports arenas and concert venues to see open positions. Ask friends and family if they know of any jobs in this area as well. You never know what leads they have that may help you find a job faster.

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