Hear real stories from actual Social Security disability beneficiaries on how they took advantage of the free employment services provided by the Ticket to Work program to put themselves on the path to a better future.

Access to Employment Support Services for Social Security Disability Beneficiaries Who Want to Work
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Social Security has the authority to change the earnings amounts used to define Trial Work Level (TWL) earnings and Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) on an annual basis. As a result, the TWL and SGA amounts included in these success stories may be outdated. Current levels and amounts used for various Social Security Work Incentives are found in the Social Security Red Book.

  • Brenda smiling at camera


    Once Brenda found the treatments and strategies to manage her mental illness, Ticket to Work helped her find the path to work.

  • Laura smiling at camera


    Laura, who experienced cancer and a leg amputation, found the support, resources and services she needed to pursue her goal to help other people with limb loss.

  • Walter smiling at camera


    Growing up with a developmental disability, Walter was unsure what his employment options would be. But working with a Ticket to Work EN helped him learn the skills he needed to reach two goals.

  • Image of Peter, David, Jesus and Amy

    2017 Ticket to Work Successes

    Learn more about the 6 individuals we featured in 2017 Ticket to Work success stories, including how Social Security’s Ticket to Work program helped them find the path to work and financial independence.

  • Image of Peter smiling at his desk


    Peter was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Find out how the Ticket to Work program helped him on the path back to employment.

  • Photo of Amy smiling at the camera


    Amy, who has a developmental disability that affects her language, learning and social interactions, found the support and training she needed with her State VR agency and EN to find a job and succeed in the workplace.

  • Picture of David smiling


    After a car accident, David wasn’t sure how he could return to work with a disability. He turned to Ticket to Work, and his Employment Network was able to help him create a plan. 

  • Picture of Jesus smiling at the camera


    Through volunteer work and the Ticket to Work program, Jesus, who has spina bifida, found passion for working with others and created a path to success and full-time work.

  • Photo of Shileta looking at the camera


    Shileta, a young adult with Cerebral Palsy, used the Ticket to Work program to find a career mentoring others with disabilities. Read her story.

  • Image of Lori smiling at the camera


    At 38, Lori has come a long way from the little girl who was paralyzed with fear. Today, she works for Employment Options as a Senior Marketing Liaison.

  • This is a photo of Renate


    With the help of the Ticket to Work Program, Renate got a job as an accountant after coping with multiple disabilities.

  • Thumbnail Photo of Robert


    Robert worked at a Ford dealership until complications from diabetes threatened his life. With help from Ticket to Work, he landed a job in auto parts sales, where his passion for cars has helped fuel record sales.

  • Image of Marty


    Marty used the Ticket to Work program to stay in the construction business after losing a limb to cancer.

  • Photo of Cherie smiling at the camera


    Cherie found success with her Ticket. Learn about the role of work in her mental health recovery.

  • Photo of Larry


    Meet Larry, a young man with autism, who successfully used the Ticket and the PASS Work Incentive to achieve his career goals!

  • Photo of Josh


    Josh is an active young adult with a disability who has seen marked improvements in his life since he decided to participate in the Ticket to Work program.

  • Photo of Vilmarie


    Vilmarie is an energetic 26 year old young woman who worked in retail until Multiple Sclerosis disrupted her life. Through the Ticket to Work program and its supports, she was able to return to work.

  • photo of Andraea


    Meet Andraéa, a 30 year old woman with muscular dystrophy who serves as a role model for girls with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.

  • photo of Michele


    Michele, a young adult with a disability, talks about how PASS helped her get an education and reach her career goals.

  • Photo of Lisa


    Lisa wanted to support her family, but her agoraphobia prevented her from working. Using her ticket, she now works from home and is financially independent.

  • Photo of Rob


    Meet Rob, a former small business owner who returned to work and regained financial independence after experiencing renal failure. Learn how Ticket to Work helped him.

  • Photo of Rae-Anna


    Rae-Anna is a mother of three, who had trouble finding work after her car accident. Read how Ticket to Work helped her.

  • Photo of Jason with the Disney castle in the background


    A lifelong mental illness made it difficult for Jason to find employment. Learn how Ticket to Work helped him.

  • Photo of Robert


    Robert is a Veteran who had questions about employment and disabilities. With the help of Ticket to Work, he’s now employed, financially independent and helping other Veterans.