Image of well dressed man and womanAs you start scheduling interviews, you may wonder what clothing works best to impress your interviewer. Or maybe you're looking for help finding appropriate interview attire. We're sharing tips and resources to help you look and feel your best during your next job interview.

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Look Your Best: How to Dress For a Job Interview

Dec 21, 2017

Image of a well dressed man and womanCongratulations! You have a job interview coming up! As you prepare, you're probably thinking about what you are going to wear.

Traditionally, applicants have chosen to wear a conservative, dark-colored suit. Today, that's not your only choice. In many cases, appropriate clothes depend on the type of career or organization. For example, a jacket and tie, suit or professional dress for a job in an office setting are always appropriate. For an outdoor job or one in a more physical environment, it's likely that khaki pants and a collared shirt would be more suitable. In all cases, neat, clean and pressed clothing will serve you well. 

If you need help to find professional attire, you may want to check out one of the many organizations that help people find workwear as they look for, start or return to work. You may be able to work with one of the following organizations, or another in your area, to set up an appointment with a stylist. The stylist can provide you with advice on what to wear, as well as help you find an outfit that will help you feel comfortable and confident during your job interviews.

Services providing business attire

Dress for Success is a worldwide organization that provides women with the clothing and accessories needed to interview and enter the workforce. They also have a career center program that helps women connect and get encouragement from their peers and an employment retention program that helps women succeed once they are employed.

Career Gear provides professional clothing, mentoring and life skills to low-income men. Programs are available in New York, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut and Washington, DC. Additional Career Gear services include financial literacy training, career development and job readiness tools.

Additional tips

Whether you work with an organization or find professional attire on your own, we have some tips on finding an outfit that may help you impress your interviewer:

  • Be sure that whatever you wear is well-kept and clean.
  • Make sure your hair is clean and styled neatly.
  • Research the organization you are interviewing with and dress accordingly.

If you're not sure what to wear, ask the person arranging your interview what the dress code is at the organization with which you are interviewing. If you need adaptive clothing because of your disability, you may want to check out the Job Accommodations Network's list of resources. If you work with Dress for Success, Career Gear or a similar organization, the stylist may be able to help you find adaptive clothing options for you, such as items with Velcro or magnetic closures or adjustable features.

Tips for interviewing

Once you've found an outfit to wear for your job interviews, review our tips for how to make a good impression with employers:

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