woman working on laptopYou may have seen the term "hybrid" included in job postings during your job search. But what exactly is a hybrid role? In this blog we explain what this term means, who may be the right fit for a hybrid role and questions to ask during the interview process.


Exploring Hybrid Jobs

Jul 7, 2022

woman working on laptop

If you are in the middle of a job search, you probably see the term "hybrid" for positions everywhere. You might even see it in the search options on job board sites when you narrow down thousands of results.

But what exactly is a hybrid role?

A hybrid role is a mix of working at the actual location of your job and working remotely. It may consist of working from home a few days a week and going to the job site the other days. There are many schedules and situations possible with hybrid work, so it's important to understand the details. You'll need to decide if the job type is right for your lifestyle, ask the right questions of a possible employer and look for hybrid positions in reputable places.

Is hybrid right for you?

Working a few days from home each week can sound ideal. However, does this match with your home life? It is important to make sure you have a comfortable and quiet place to work from home, uninterrupted. Make sure you have an atmosphere where you can concentrate on your work and be productive.

Also, consider your own personality. Are you the type of person who needs a great deal of in-person interaction each day? If so, being at home, isolated from co-workers a few days a week may have a negative effect on your mental health.

Think about the few days a week you will need to report to work. Are these days worrisome for you due to a long commute? Are you easily distracted working in a busy office setting? It's a good idea to think clearly about your own needs.

You may find you need a fully remote job, and not a hybrid. You may even find you need to be on location each day to be most productive. Take time to think about your employment and personal needs.

Questions to ask employers

Keep in mind that each company has a different definition of a hybrid job. If you ask questions beforehand, you may find that the job is not a good fit from the beginning and save yourself time. Here are a few possible questions to consider asking the contact person if the answers are not included in the job description:

  • "Is the hybrid option permanent or temporary?"
  • "How many days per week would I be required to work on location?"
  • "How much notice would I have if I were required to come to the office on a scheduled remote day?"
  • "What would the internet and home office requirements be if I worked from home?"
  • "Would my work hours be the same if I were on location, as if I worked from home?"

Job Boards with hybrid job choices

Be careful when you search for hybrid jobs online. Since it's a very popular choice, you may find websites that claim verified hybrid job listings that are part of or lead to a scam. Here are some reputable job boards that include hybrid and fully remote job options. (Some helpful keywords to find remote and hybrid positions on job boards include "hybrid," "partially remote," "remote," "blended," "telework" and "work from home.")

  • abilityJOBS - Job site for people with disabilities with many hybrid and fully remote options.
  • CareerOneStop.org - Job search board, career exploration and training with many work from home and hybrid jobs.
  • Indeed.com - Large job board that includes many remote and hybrid choices.
  • RecruitMilitary.com - Website that has large job board with many remote and hybrid options for veterans and military spouses.
  • disABLEDperson.com - Works with employers who have a strong desire to hire qualified applicants with disabilities. Includes remote and hybrid positions in many industries.
  • LinkedIn Jobs - Job site with many hybrid options. You can see immediately if any of your LinkedIn connections work at the company you're interested in.
  • USAJobs.gov - Resource to find Federal positions in various industries, with remote and hybrid search options.

A hybrid position could be a good option for you to explore in your job search, especially since more and more companies offer some form of it these days. It could help you with work-life balance. Make sure to research the company and ask any questions you have to ensure the position fits your needs.

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