A person is a professional woodworking shop using a router on a wooden board. They are wearing a work apron, safety googles, a mask and ear protection.Non-office jobs can be found all over the country and in almost every industry at varying levels of education and training. If you’re looking for a non-office job, here are six occupations that the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics lists as having quick growth potential between 2020-2030.


Hot Jobs: 6 Jobs to Help You Think Outside the Office

Aug 25, 2022

A person is a professional woodworking shop using a router on a wooden board. They are wearing a work apron, safety googles, a mask and ear protection.Non-office jobs are growing fast. These jobs can be found all over the country and in almost every industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists occupations with the most projected growth over the next decade, and many non-office jobs are included! If you are looking for a non-office job, here are six occupations that are projected to grow quickly between 2020-2030. The amount of training required to enter these occupations varies from basic on-the-job instruction to more specialized training.

1. Motion Picture Projectionists

These are the people behind the scenes who set up the movie and sound equipment to play movies in theaters. Without them, the film would not look and sound the way it should for everyone to enjoy. This job is not as simple as pressing "play." Projectionists must monitor the equipment throughout the film and watch for adjustments needed in real time. This is a fast growing and essential role in movie theaters everywhere. If you enjoy movies and are interested in behind-the-scenes operations, this could be for you.

2. Wood Model Makers

Wood Model Makers construct full-size and scale-level wooden precision models of products. These jobs are also called Craftsman or Sample Maker. With special training, you may also read blueprints or drawings or meet with designers to determine patterns and machine setups. This could be for you if you enjoy the creative side of building. To start looking for jobs like this, visit our Find a Job page on our website. There is an extensive list of online job boards, and many include jobs in this field.

3. Restaurant Cooks

Restaurant Cooks can have jobs anywhere from fast food to gourmet restaurants. Responsibilities include preparing food, keeping track of food inventory, and maintaining a sanitary environment. Restaurant cooks also make sure all ingredients are fresh and the food is presented well. Learning from a lead cook in a commercial kitchen can prepare you for a job as a chef or other positions in the culinary industry.

4. Ushers, Lobby Attendants and Ticket Takers

These jobs are found in theaters, sports arenas, auditoriums, and concert venues. Attendants greet patrons, help them find their seats and assist other staff as needed. A role in this area can help you learn more about general operations in entertainment facilities. If you have goals to work in venue management, you can start here and show your talents in customer service.

5. Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Often when you see the large shiny panels on a rooftop, it's the result of the hard work of these installers. Solar Photovoltaic Installers (PV Installers) assemble, set up and maintain rooftop or other systems that convert sunlight into energy. PV Installers check the measurements and design of the structure where the system is being set up. This job involves special training and entry level positions typically require a high school diploma. This may be a lesser-known job, but it's expected to grow by 52% in the next 10 years!

6. Makeup Artists (theatrical and performance)

Makeup Artists for actors and other entertainers is a fast-growing field that needs more trained people. You can get experience at your local community theater with a cast of actors, or even with local singers and entertainers at small music venues. In addition, you can volunteer to do the makeup of family and friends. Be sure to take pictures of your work (with permission). This can lead to growing a portfolio to share with potential employers and a fulfilling career in cosmetology. For help finding volunteer opportunities, check out our blog post Finding Your Own Opportunities Through Volunteering.

These are just some of the fastest growing projected non-office jobs. For more occupations, and more extensive information on the jobs listed here, visit the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Finder. You can search for occupations by required level of education, onsite training offered and median pay. For more information on how to find non-office jobs, please read our blog post Think Outside the Office: Finding Non-Office Jobs. If you need help to find a job in or outside the office, the Ticket to Work Program can help!

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