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  1. Myths Busted: ABLE Accounts

    Graphic of Ben putting coins into an ABLE piggy bankWhat have you heard about Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts? In today's guest blog post from the ABLE National Resource Center, discover the truth about 3 of the most common myths about ABLE accounts.

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  2. Celebrate Success: Brain Injury Awareness and Ticket to Work

    Josh at workAccording to the Brain Injury Association of America, every 9 seconds, someone in the U.S. sustains a brain injury. Meet one of those individuals, Josh, in today’s blog post and discover how he received the supports and services he needed to find work.

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  3. Ageism: Yes, It Exists

    Man giving a thumbs upWe've heard from many of you that you believe you've experienced age discrimination as you search for a job even though the ADEA was passed to protect people from ageism. In today's post, we offer tips that may help you avoid age discrimination during your job search.

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  4. Do You Qualify for This Tax Credit?

    Man in a wheelchair high-fives another manWith the deadline to file taxes approaching, we take a look at the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to share how it may qualify if you're working and receive low to moderate income. Even if you aren't required to file your taxes, this tax credit may help you.

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  5. Attend a Career Fair in March

    Image of a woman at a computerVirtual and in-person career fairs give you the chance to meet potential employers, learn about a company and discover job opportunities. Jumpstart your career and make progress toward reaching your work goals by attending a career fair in March.

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  6. Podcast Revisit: Supports for People Who Are Blind

    Character of Ben's blind friendIn recognition of Low Vision Awareness Month, we’re taking a look back at one of our Ticket Talk podcasts to revisit the supports and services that may be available to you if you’re blind or have low vision.

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  7. Celebrating Presidents Day: President George H.W. Bush and the ADA

    President George H.W. Bush signs into law the ADAIn recognition of Presidents Day, we discuss President George H.W. Bush’s role in passing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and why the ADA was important to him.

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